Branding, Deign, and Strategies solutions for companies ready for changes

Selected work 2019-22

To create perfect designs we blend experience, skills, and a genuine passion for work. We closely collaborate with clients, immerse ourselves in their values and desires. As a result, our projects are both precise, yet flexible and ready to grow with the brand.

With over 12 years of experience, we collaborate with small business, media platforms, art foundations, museums and others.

Selected Work

From small ventures to unicorns:
our diverse portfolio.


Studio Moncler is designed to work with fast-growing companies of every size.

Whether who you are, a small business or gearing up for a big leap, our studio is designed to achieve significant outcomes quickly, whether it's for temporary projects or for newspapers, big media, and print publications.


Discover the latest in our life. We've been exploring a variety of design, research, and lifestyle topics, keeping things dynamic and engaging.

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